Lip Lift

Lip Lift Surgery

Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their lips. Whether they feel their lips are too small, not plump enough, or the shape is irregular, there are numerous surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures used to improve the appearance of the lips and mouth. You have likely heard of treatments like lip injections, dermal fillers, and even lip flips. All of these minimally invasive procedures offer improvement in the appearance of the mouth in different ways. Fillers and injections plump up the lips by filling them with natural or synthetic materials. Lip flips give the mouth a fuller appearance by causing the top lip to curl upward. While these treatments offer some improvement in the appearance of lips, they are all temporary. Over time, you will need retreatment to retain results. Lip lift surgery can deliver similar improvements in the appearance of lips, but the results are permanent. Keep reading to learn more about this minimally invasive, innovative procedure from Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery – a division of U.S. Dermatology Partners.

What Is a Lip Lift Procedure?

Surgical lip lifts are performed as an in-office procedure. Lip lifts can be performed under local anesthesia, but plastic surgeons often combine numbing medication with IV sedation or general anesthesia to ensure complete comfort. The surgery itself involves removing a small amount of skin between the nose and upper lip. This causes the lip to appear fuller. It reveals more of the teeth when smiling, and the lip lift adds height to the red lip. There are several variations in the lip lift procedure, including:

  • Subnasal Bullhorn – This is the most common form of lip lift procedure, and it’s performed by removing skin directly beneath the nose in a bullhorn shape.
  • Direct Lip Lift – Removes a small amount of skin immediately above the mouth and pulls the lip upward, revealing more of the pink part of the lip.
  • Corner Lift – Also referred to as a smile lift or grin lift, this procedure is performed by making incisions at the corners of the mouth to give the lips an upturned appearance.

Benefits of Lip Lift Treatment

There are many benefits you can expect following a lip lift, including:

  • Fuller lip appearance
  • More youthful look
  • More attractive smile
  • Feel more confident about your smile
  • Enjoy permanent results

Recovery After Lip Lift Surgery

It’s important to rest for at least 24 hours after your lip lift surgery. Your surgeon will provide you with specific instructions, but you should be sure to keep the area clean, avoid rubbing or irritating skin, and make sure to protect the healing surgical site from the sun. You should also keep your skin moisturized as it heals. Your surgeon can recommend a good product to protect the skin without causing irritation. Additionally, you should avoid exercise and other strenuous activities, stop smoking, and brush your teeth very carefully.

Risks Associated with Lip Lifts

The most common risk associated with lip lift surgery is scarring. Most surgeons will make an effort to minimize the appearance of surgical scars by placing incisions along existing creases in the skin. Infection is always a risk when receiving surgical procedures, but with proper aftercare, the risk for infection is minimal.




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