Brow Lift for Facial Paralysis

Brow Lifts for Facial Paralysis

Next time you smile, raise an eyebrow in question, squint, or furrow your brow in concentration, imagine if these simple daily movements didn’t work as expected. For people with facial paralysis, even the smallest movement may not look or feel natural, and for some, facial movements may obscure vision. If you’re interested in learning more about brow lifts for facial paralysis, you can explore the basics on this page. You can also reach out to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a Division of U.S. Dermatology Partners. Our knowledgeable cosmetic surgery team members will be happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation visit.

What Is Brow Lift?

As the name suggests, a brow lift is a surgical procedure used to lift the brow to a more desirable position. When it’s used to address facial paralysis, a brow lift typically repositions a drooping brow and forehead in its natural resting position and restores facial symmetry. The brow lift may be performed through a traditional, open surgical procedure, or it may be done endoscopically, using cameras inserted into a smaller incision. Either way, your cosmetic surgeon will plan the procedure to minimize the visibility of scars and ensure the best possible results.

Benefits of Brow Lift for Facial Paralysis

For those with facial paralysis, a brow lift improves the position of the eyebrows and restores greater symmetry to the face, especially when coupled with additional treatments to address other effects of facial paralysis.

Some of the many benefits of a brow lift for facial paralysis include:

  • Creating a more natural and symmetrical resting brow position
  • Restoring the brow arch
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes
  • Improving vision by lifting a brow line that may be drooping and blocking sight

Recovery After Brow Lift for Facial Paralysis

Following your procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will wrap the area in bandages that help with swelling and discomfort. Make sure to closely follow all post-surgery care instructions to minimize the risk of scarring and other adverse effects. A tube may be placed to drain fluid away from the surgical site. In this case, we will schedule a follow-up visit shortly after your surgery to remove the drain and check on your progress. Your cosmetic surgeon will let you know how to clean the surgical site, and when you can shower, go back to work, and start exercising again. Healing will continue for a few months, and your surgeon can consult with you on when it’s okay to incorporate other daily activities into your routine.

Risks Associated with Brow Lift for Facial Paralysis

Any surgery will have some potential risks. However, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can safely provide surgical treatments and offer aftercare instructions to ensure you heal quickly and completely. When choosing a brow lift as part of a treatment plan for facial paralysis, it’s even more important to find an experienced professional who understands both the treatment of facial paralysis and brow lift surgery. Most often, patients will simply need to manage mild post-procedure side effects like bleeding, swelling, and pain. However, more serious side effects are always a risk.

Even with an experienced surgeon, risks associated with brow lift surgery, including:

  • Overcorrection – lifting the brow too far, causing an unwanted alteration in the resting facial expression. This will often indicate a need for retreatment.
  • Hematoma – blood accumulating beneath the skin in the treated area.
  • Scarring – your surgeon will do their utmost to hide incision scars within the natural lines of the brow, but this isn’t always adequate to completely conceal scar tissue.
  • Injury – there are many nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and other essential structures around the eyebrows, and it’s easy to damage these during the brow lift procedure.
  • Numbness – loss of sensation in and around the treatment area.


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